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    Customer Psychology

    6 fast facts on scarcity marketing

    If used in the right way, scarcity can be a powerful tactic in helping to draw attention to products and motivate consumer behaviors. If used in the w...

    Customer Psychology QSR Restaurant Marketing Insights

    The Next Generation of Digitally-Savvy Customers is Changing QSR

    The restaurant industry is rapidly changing, and brands that are focused on digital innovation while adapting to new consumer preferences are getting ...

    Retail Customer Psychology

    Discounts: Best Practices & Tools

    Promotions are everywhere these days—every kind of business is using some form of discounting all year round. Even the companies who say they don’t di...

    Retail Customer Psychology

    Prime Day: Lessons Learned

    Based on the intensity of Amazon’s marketing push, who wasn’t excited about Prime Day? I've spent my career speaking and writing about how marketers c...

    Retail Customer Psychology

    Every Retailer Can Have an Amazon “Prime Day”

    Have you heard about the upcoming Amazon Prime Day? Amazon's latest genius marketing move, on Wednesday July 15th, the company will offer all sorts of...