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    Email marketing

    Here's how to write email subject lines like a pro

    Email marketing has a lot of different moving parts — starting with the infamous subject line.

    Email marketing

    4 major issues with your email marketing and how to fix them

    If content is king, marketing is an empire where only the strong survive. 

    Email marketing

    4 types of tools to build your email subscriber list

    Email marketing campaigns are a tool all their own, but what is there to know about the tools that contribute to the success of this digital marketing...

    Email marketing Consumer Psychology

    How to increase email marketing conversions, according to psychology

    While marketing psychology practices have certainly evolved over the years, certain psychological principles hold true. Some have proven to be success...

    Email marketing

    How to write email copy your subscribers will love

    An inside look at the happenings of brands, email subscriptions are designed to provide consumers with timely information. However, establishing a bra...

    Email marketing

    How to turn email subscribers into customers

    By now, you’re an email subscriber champ, but we all know the real win is converting those subscribers into customers. To help guide you on your conve...

    Email marketing Acquire

    Email acquisition: From building a funnel to testing tactics

    The first marketing email was sent to roughly 400 potential customers in 1974. The story goes, the 400 recipients were converted into $13 million in s...

    Customer acquisition Email marketing

    5 Common Mistakes Most Referral Programs Make

    Creating a strong email marketing strategy is a critical way to connect with your target audience. It allows marketers to speak directly to prospects,...

    Engagement Retail Customer acquisition Email marketing Holiday

    Innovating Holiday Marketing

    It’s beginning to look a lot like...Christmas? Wait, a minute. It’s August. But while consumers are thinking about back-to-school, many retailers alre...