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    SMS Marketing Urgency Marketing

    How to create urgency within your SMS program

    Three minutes. That’s how quickly the average cell phone user checks a text message after receiving it — and it’s the same sense of urgency you want y...

    SMS Marketing

    5 elements of a strong text marketing campaign

    When text message marketing is at its best, it creates an opportunity for customers and brands to connect openly about their shared love for a product...

    SMS Marketing

    The current status of text marketing: Answers to your top questions

    Whether you’re team iPhone or pro Android, this fact remains the same: You know just how powerful text message marketing is.

    SMS Marketing

    2 text marketing strategies to better serve your subscribers

    Text message marketing is a front-runner in brand communications. One study listed it as a preferred method of communication for nearly half of consum...

    SMS Marketing

    Cross-enrollment: Why email subscribers are key to growing your SMS list

    In previous years, email marketing was the head honcho in town, helping businesses deliver top-notch marketing messages to email subscribers in real t...

    SMS Marketing

    4 tips for reactivating dormant text subscribers

    You’re not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the lines it went south — some of your text message subscribers have gone silent and it’s up to ...

    SMS Marketing

    5 text marketing strategies to engage your subscribers

    Text message marketing has proven to be an essential form of communication for brands across the globe. Within seconds, consumers can receive updates ...

    SMS Marketing

    Get more text subscribers with these tips

    SMS is one of the fastest-growing marketing channels, giving consumers and businesses countless opportunities to connect. It's also one of the most ef...

    SMS Marketing Quikly

    How to Avoid Common SMS Marketing Mistakes

    With brands typically seeing a 98% open rate and a 45% response rate when it comes to SMS outreach, no wonder you’ve decided to make this a part of yo...