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    How restaurants can cut through the noise with scarcity marketing (webinar recap)

    QSR Automations and Quikly hosted a webinar called “How Restaurants Can Cut Through the Noise with Scarcity Marketing” on Thursday, November 7. If you...

    Consumer Psychology

    Podcasts for a better understanding of consumer psychology

    The number of people listening to podcasts increased this past year, according to Edison Research.


    The hype around Popeyes' chicken sandwich (with video)

    It was in August when Popeyes put its chicken sandwich in selected restaurants, kicking off the “sandwich wars” against competitor Chick-fil-A. Shortl...


    How third-party aggregators affect restaurant marketers (with video)

    There are more choices than ever before on where, when and how to eat. Today, people can order a steak, sandwich or smoothie and have it delivered rig...

    Consumer Psychology

    Consumer psychology strategies used in the Cabbage Patch riots

    In 1983, a sensation occurred in the form of the Cabbage Patch Kids. The public’s desire for what was marketed as the ugliest doll in the world became...


    The lunch paradox: How people are deciding where to eat (with video)

    There are more options than ever before on where to eat. That was apparent during lunchtime in Detroit on Monday, October 21 as people left their offi...

    Digital Marketing

    "I'm in marketing"

    I never intended to be in this position. When I set out to be a journalist, I wanted to tell stories that “educated and engaged an audience,” which re...

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    An intro to conversion rate optimization (With video)

    Scott Meves has spent the last seven years as CTO and co-founder of Quikly, a technology platform that uses psychological motivators — like scarcity, ...

    Consumer Psychology B2C Psychology 1.0

    The psychology behind competing for the best bargain

    This post is part of a series called "B2C Psychology 1.0." The innate desire to win is a trait that comes from our earliest ancestors. Competition, li...

    Consumer Psychology B2C Psychology 1.0

    Social proof: Who we trust

    This post is part of a series called "B2C Psychology 1.0." Ever bought a product because your friend has it? Of course you have. And we’ll tell you wh...