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    Mobile App Marketing

    The most important steps in mobile app marketing

    As a marketer, you know that time is of the essence. Capturing the attention of customers, leveraging the right strategies and delivering the best mob...

    B2C Marketing

    Expert tips on customer retention

    There’s no shortage of information out there on how to acquire new customers — and why should there be? It takes a lot of knowledge and skill to find ...

    Consumer Psychology B2C Marketing

    Marketing psychology: Your comprehensive guide to social proof

    Have you ever found yourself interacting with a product or brand based on the actions of others? This might look like buying a product after seeing gr...

    Restaurant Marketing Consumer Psychology B2C Marketing

    How to use data analytics to strengthen your QSR marketing

    Creating a successful consumer promotion for your quick-service restaurant (QSR) requires a lot of effort. Thankfully, data analytics can simplify tha...

    Consumer Psychology

    The core ingredients of consumer anticipation

    To truly understand consumer psychology, there are certain concepts you must explore fully. Anticipation is one of them. 

    Consumer Psychology

    The psychology behind high-end purchases

    While many people believe money can’t buy happiness, there’s no debate that an abundance of money can provide humans with access to luxurious experien...

    B2C Marketing

    3 great brand humanization campaigns

    If you’ve gained some background knowledge on brand humanization, the process of attaching human personality and emotions to a brand in hopes of makin...

    B2C Marketing

    How top retail brands are engaging with customers right now

    While there may have been a time when consumers only expected brands to ensure seamless experiences and quality products, consumer expectations are st...

    B2C Marketing

    How to overcome marketer's block

    Cultivating a great customer experience for your target audience is a major responsibility, and it isn’t always easy.