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    Digital Marketing

    From the Consumer: Navigating retail and dining options in a pandemic (with video)

    In a recent survey, we asked consumers how they were dining and shopping in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. Nearly 1,800 people responded. Whil...

    Digital Marketing

    How fitness' top brands are staying connected with customers right now

    The coronavirus pandemic hit the fitness industry particularly hard. Because gyms and studios are traditionally brick and mortar, many temporarily clo...


    3 reasons food subscriptions are working right now

    I was on my nightly walk when I ran into some neighbors — a couple, both retired, in their early 70s and living in an upper-middle class suburb. Since...

    Digital Marketing

    The rise of user-generated content in marketing

    Thanks to the smartphone, it’s now commonplace to see user-generated content on the social media feeds of big brands.

    Consumer Psychology

    Psychology-based tips to improve your B2C-marketing strategy (with podcast)

    If you’re a B2C marketer, having an understanding of consumer behavior can help you be more effective at your job. That’s why we wanted to make a podc...

    Consumer Psychology

    Adding value to your customers’ lives during a pandemic (with podcast)

    The coronavirus has affected every person’s life in some way. Whether it’s how we work, shop or conduct ourselves throughout the world, things have no...

    Customer acquisition

    Re-engaging customers in an uncertain environment (with podcast)

    As states and businesses open back up, brands are struggling with how to navigate both an uncertain and unstable economy. Marketers are trying to figu...


    How Vera Bradley is navigating the coronavirus (with podcast)

    The coronavirus has forced most industries to shift the way they do business. But the effects of this pandemic have hit retail especially hard. 

    Consumer Psychology

    Consumer neuroscience during the coronavirus (with podcast)

    As marketers, it’s important to understand what makes people tick. That’s part of the reason we started Market with Me Quikly, a podcast to inform, ed...