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    Retail Marketing

    More than discounts: 9 customer incentives ideas for retail brands

    Rewarding customers for their continued support is a fundamental part of many thriving businesses — and retail brands know just how important customer...

    Retail Marketing B2C Marketing

    The pros and cons of online shopping (From the perspective of a consumer)

    I remember the very first time I shopped for something online.

    Retail Marketing Holiday Marketing

    How nine brands amplified efforts around Giving Tuesday

    After days of great deals ahead of the gift-giving season comes Giving Tuesday, which has been encouraging people to give back to their communities an...

    Retail Marketing Holiday Marketing Consumer Psychology

    Retail brands are replicating Amazon Prime Day

    Another Amazon Prime Day has come and gone, but some marketers in retail have figured out how to replicate the same feelings around their own branded ...

    Retail Marketing

    How Vera Bradley is navigating the coronavirus (with podcast)

    The coronavirus has forced most industries to shift the way they do business. But the effects of this pandemic have hit retail especially hard. 

    Retail Marketing

    Top trends for retail marketers to watch in 2020

    As 2019 ends, marketers are preparing for what the new decade has in store for them. 

    Retail Marketing

    H&M’s grand opening in downtown Detroit draws hundreds (with video)

    H&M wanted to do something special for the grand opening of their new store on Woodward Avenue, according to Patrick Shaner, a spokesperson for th...

    Retail Marketing

    Innovative Promotions for Shopper Marketers

    According to Quirk’s Marketing Review, “Just a few years ago, [shopper marketing] was a little-understood task driven by promotions or channel marketi...

    Retail Marketing Customer Acquisition Email Marketing Holiday Marketing

    Innovating Holiday Marketing

    It’s beginning to look a lot like...Christmas? Wait, a minute. It’s August. But while consumers are thinking about back-to-school, many retailers alre...