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    Consumer Psychology

    Marketing psychology: 4 things you might not know about scarcity and FOMO

    Recent fascination with marketing psychology has caused many experts to dive deeper into the world of marketing and its connection to the human brain.

    Consumer Psychology

    The story of anticipation, as told by a consumer neuroscientist

    Whether you're hyping up a new product launch or teasing out a customer incentive as "coming soon," you likely already leverage anticipation within yo...

    Consumer Psychology Anticipation

    Marketing psychology: The basics of anticipation

    With consumers having so many different types of motivators, it can be difficult to know which psychology principles really hold potential. Anticipati...

    Email marketing Consumer Psychology

    How to increase email marketing conversions, according to psychology

    While marketing psychology practices have certainly evolved over the years, certain psychological principles hold true. Some have proven to be success...

    Consumer Psychology

    3 simple ways gamification benefits consumer marketing

    Implementing gamification into a marketing strategy can be an effective way to invigorate customers and meet your key initiatives. With a bit of creat...

    Restaurant Consumer Psychology Digital Marketing

    QSRs using psychology to navigate uncharted territory ahead of holidays

    It's that time of year again when retail brands are taking advantage of Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday and their own branded events ahead of the holid...

    Retail Consumer Psychology Digital Marketing

    Retail brands are replicating Amazon Prime Day

    Another Amazon Prime Day has come and gone, but some marketers in retail have figured out how to replicate the same feelings around their own branded ...

    Consumer Psychology

    Psychology-based tips to improve your B2C-marketing strategy (with podcast)

    If you’re a B2C marketer, having an understanding of consumer behavior can help you be more effective at your job. That’s why we wanted to make a podc...

    Consumer Psychology

    Adding value to your customers’ lives during a pandemic (with podcast)

    The coronavirus has affected every person’s life in some way. Whether it’s how we work, shop or conduct ourselves throughout the world, things have no...