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    Consumer Psychology

    The psychology of scarcity during the coronavirus (with podcast)

    It’s obvious that the pandemic has changed the way consumers behave. People have been told to stay home, they’ve lost their jobs, and they also see th...

    Consumer Psychology

    How quarantined consumers are engaging with brands (with podcast)

    Around 17 million people have filed for unemployment in the United States because of the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, state and local governmen...

    Social Media Consumer Psychology

    Social media evolves as quarantine continues (with podcast)

    It’s hard to do virtually anything right now because the coronavirus has made it unsafe to be around people. So consumers have been relying on the int...

    Consumer Psychology

    Millennials are making quarantine purchases (with video)

    Because of the coronavirus, people have been confined to their homes and glued to their devices. We wondered how this was affecting consumer purchasin...

    Consumer Psychology

    Spending time and money during a pandemic (with podcast)

    It feels a bit tone-deaf to talk about time and money when thousands are dying from the coronavirus. But the truth of the matter is, consumer behavior...

    Consumer Psychology

    The consumer psychology around the coronavirus (with podcast)

    In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, people have been forced to behave differently in order to stay safe. This has not only shaken the financial ...

    Consumer Psychology

    Marketing in the age of the coronavirus (with podcast)

    Marketers are in uncharted territory. Never has the country come to a near standstill because of a pandemic in modern times.

    Consumer Psychology

    An age-old dilemma for marketers: the unread email (with video)

    Ah, yes. The ancient story of the “unread email.” It’s an unfortunate reality that every marketer has come to expect. 

    Consumer Psychology

    Why consumers are saying goodbye to brands (with video)

    There are a lot of reasons consumers might say goodbye to a brand. Some of which are more predictable than others.