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    Consumer Psychology

    How companies are using emotions around brand outreach

    It might be obvious by now, that if you’re using consumer psychology to its fullest extent, you’re most likely making people feel a gamut of emotions.

    Consumer Psychology

    Using competition in Super Bowl marketing strategies

    It’s one of the biggest sporting annual events: The Super Bowl! In the big game’s 54th year, the nation watched Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Fra...


    Grocery stores making the most of loyalty and rewards programs

    After Amazon bought Whole Foods, marketers in the grocery space have been motivated to innovate more than ever before.


    Consumer research: The case for loyalty programs

    This post is part of a series called "A Quick Survey."  The case for strengthening your brand’s loyalty program just became A LOT stronger. 

    Social Media

    Consumer research: The effectiveness of social media

    This post is part of a series called "A Quick Survey." If you’re spending a significant amount of money on social media ads that are inundating your c...

    Consumer Psychology

    Consumer research: How consumers feel about your mobile app

    This post is part of a series called "A Quick Survey."  If you’re not leveraging a mobile app that customers can frequent, we have reasons why you sho...

    Consumer Psychology

    Consumer research: Email is effective

    This post is part of a series called "A Quick Survey."  As a marketer, you’re probably sending emails to a database of people on a pretty regular basi...

    Consumer Psychology

    Consumer research: Consumers are ready to engage with brands in 2020

    This post is the first in a series called "A Quick Survey." As a new decade begins, it’s apparent the digital landscape has altered the way brands con...

    Consumer Psychology

    Four ways to keep loyal customers coming back for more

    Generating a steady stream of returning customers is one of the biggest struggles a brand can face.