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    How To Beat Holiday Retail Woes

    The holiday season is the biggest retail sales period of the year, accounting for up to 30 percent of annual sales (National Retail Federation). Retai...

    Customer Retention

    Shifting the Focus: The Value of Customer Retention

    While the acquisition of new loyalty members is incredibly valuable, customer retention is often overlooked.


    Turn Your Loyalty Members Into Advocates

    Attracting new loyalty members is a key strategy to ensure long-term program growth. New members represent incremental sales and offset member churn. ...


    3 Ways to Increase Mobile App Use

    Feeling lost in a sea of apps? There are millions of them - from entertainment, to finance, to fitness, to restaurants, and more. Not only is standing...


    WEBINAR: The Secret to Increasing Consumer Interaction

    Mark your calendars for October 10, 12PM EST!

    Social Media

    How To Easily Boost Social Media Engagement

    Nothing is quite as meaningful for a company as earning the trust of a consumer when there are thousands of other brands to choose from. Quikly’s new ...

    Social Media

    How to Improve Social ROI

    Social media hardly existed 10 years ago and it continues to undergo a sea of change. For many years, brands enjoyed free marketing on sites like Face...


    Hey brands, you have to self-motivate to win at consumer engagement

    If we really break it down to a bare-bone definition (this is according to Rutgers University):

    Gamify your marketing efforts… and they will come. We promise.

    When consumers think marketing they want: Fun, exciting, captivating, unique, memorable and thrilling… to name a few. Right? Unfortunately, brands oft...

    Managing Vendors for Innovation

    As an innovative marketing vendor who is working with some of the biggest companies in America, I have some thoughts on what makes our successful clie...