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    Social Media

    4 Critical Considerations for Marketers Following Facebook’s News Feed Updates

    Facebook’s latest News Feed announcement about ‘bringing people closer together’ is yet another example of the ever-changing social landscape where ma...


    3 Ways to Successfully Establish and Execute a Customer Retention Strategy

    Acquiring a new customer is five times as expensive as retaining an existing customer. Yet 44% of companies admit they, "have a greater focus" on acqu...


    3 Ways to Incentivize Email Subscribers to Convert

    Moving Email CRM database members through the funnel is challenging. Email marketers want to maximize customer spending and profit by motivating incre...


    3 Steps to Successfully Overhaul Your CRM Onboarding Strategy

    Implementing an effective Email/CRM onboarding strategy is key to converting quick purchases, deepening the digital relationship, and ultimately, buil...


    3 Key Strategies for Attracting Top-Notch CRM Database Customers

    Consistently growing your CRM database by acquiring the right new customers is every Email Marketer's goal. However, it’s difficult to continuously fi...

    Customer acquisition Email marketing

    5 Common Mistakes Most Referral Programs Make

    Creating a strong email marketing strategy is a critical way to connect with your target audience. It allows marketers to speak directly to prospects,...


    Authenticity Activates Customer Loyalty

    The REI campaign “Opt Outside” involved shutting down business on one of the biggest, if not THE biggest profitable retail days of the year: Black Fri...


    The Best Way to Find New Loyalty Members [Infographic]

    Developing a loyal customer base is key to creating sustainable brand value. Leaders in Loyalty find success when they master constant growth of their...


    Add This Single Step to Your Marketing Strategy

    Offering exclusive access or promotions to loyalty members is a valuable strategy that can enhance the retail brand-consumer relationship.


    Webinar Recap: Breathe New Life Into Your Campaigns

    Quikly partnered with Forrester earlier this month to detail the challenging brand-consumer relationship.  CEO Shawn Geller was joined by guest speake...