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    Consumer Psychology B2C Marketing

    How to create anticipation for product launches

    Gearing up for a new product launch requires a lot from brands. There's the product development, the strategy sessions and the careful planning that m...

    Consumer Psychology

    How consumers really feel about perfection

    Customer reviews. They’re the online equivalent of a test score in grade school and every brand is in the market for a top-rating. 

    B2C Marketing

    How artificial intelligence impacts B2C marketing

    As a newbie in marketing technology, many concepts are still, well, new to me. I may have heard of them in passing or experienced them firsthand as a ...

    Consumer Psychology

    The psychology of persuasion: How to help customers make the best decisions

    As a marketer, you have a list of strategies that guide you in elevating your brand — and that includes helping your customers make the best decisions...

    Social Media Marketing B2C Marketing

    How QSRs are taking over TikTok

    When Morgann Book had a break in her shift at her family’s Dairy Queen, boredom sparked an idea: create a TikTok making a DQ favorite. She’d made ice ...

    Consumer Psychology B2C Marketing

    Consumers like to make safe choices — here's why

    A comfort zone. A happy place. A safe haven. It doesn’t matter what you call it, the human need for a familiar sense of security is clear. 

    Consumer Psychology Urgency Marketing B2C Marketing

    5 insights on the psychology of urgency marketing

    As the Brand Journalist at Quikly, I feel it’s my duty to take you along with me as I learn the ins and outs of marketing psychology. In a way, we’ve ...

    Consumer Psychology B2C Marketing

    The science behind sneaker drops

    Neither rain, sleet nor blazing heat could keep the most dedicated sneakerheads from getting their hands on the newest shoes. It’s a modern love story...

    Mobile App Marketing

    6 ideas for using scarcity in your mobile app marketing

    Humans are known for wanting what they can’t have. When something is low in supply, its scarcity leads people to believe that it must be an item worth...