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    on May 10, 2022 Retail Marketing

    More than discounts: 9 customer incentives ideas for retail brands

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    Rewarding customers for their continued support is a fundamental part of many thriving businesses — and retail brands know just how important customer incentives are.

    In the marketplace, customer incentives are typically boiled down to traditional deals and discounts, but there are often other creative options brands can use to satisfy their customer base.

    Here are 9 examples of customer incentives that your brand can implement to create a fun shopping journey for your customers.

    1. Free gifts

    Customers receive additional gifts free of costs alongside their purchase, in celebration of a holiday, or as a thank you for their patronage.

    2. Loyalty points

    Loyalty program members get redeemable points they can cash in for perks on products and services.

    3. Bonus rewards

    Customers get extra rewards when they make a purchase with a certain product type.

    4. Premium memberships

    Customers can sign up for a free or paid membership subscription that includes various brand-related perks.

    5. Free shipping

    Online customers get free shipping on their orders.

    6. Next-day delivery

    Brands offer express shipping and give customers the option to receive their products at an earlier date.

    7. Personalized discounts

    Brands offer customer-specific discounts to members of their target audience who make up a certain population. This includes incentives like student discounts, veteran pricing, senior citizen discounts and more.

    8. Payment plans

    Customers have the option of paying for their order(s) in increments. For example, a customer could buy a product for $100, pay for it in four installments of $25 within a certain amount of time, and still receive their product at the same time as someone who paid full price.

    9. Free samples

    Customers get to experience a smaller version of a branded product for free before committing to it.

    Giving back to your customers in the form of incentives doesn’t have to simply be about traditional deals and discounts. You can branch out and create more impactful incentives using creativity and consumer interests.


    Lindsay Keener

    Lindsay Keener is a brand journalist for Quikly. She covers stories that help to inform and educate consumer-facing marketers.