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    on October 20, 2015 Retail

    How Promotions Can Help Merchandisers

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    Gamification and promotions are an increasingly popular strategy used by almost every industry to achieve a number of important brand goals. But how many promotions can be tailored to achieve specific brand merchandising goals? Brand merchandising goals might include:

    • Introducing new products

    • Driving trial and sample of a new product or a new line

    • Liquidating inventory that was over-purchased or undersold

    • Driving sales of higher margin items

    • Driving sales of products that increase average order value or basket size

    • Driving sales or trial of add-on items or accessories

    Quikly is unique in its tailored approach  to the support of merchandising efforts. In doing so, Quikly promotions increase sales, customer acquisition, loyalty, and engagement, which are all KPIs that matter.

    Our promotions trigger the  thrill of the chase, the fear of missing out, and the anticipation of Black Friday every day. Brands that use Quikly find that 1 in 2 visitors opt in to the campaign,  more than 30% of participants will be socially referred, and more than 5 minutes of engagement is generated per participant. All of these stats help you achieve your merchandising goals.

    How can you tailor your promotions to support your merchandising goals?


    Shawn Geller

    Shawn is Quikly's CEO & co-founder.