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    Social Media

    How to Improve Social ROI

    Social media hardly existed 10 years ago and it continues to undergo a sea of change. For many years, brands enjoyed free marketing on sites like Face...


    Hey brands, you have to self-motivate to win at consumer engagement

    If we really break it down to a bare-bone definition (this is according to Rutgers University):

    Gamify your marketing efforts… and they will come. We promise.

    When consumers think marketing they want: Fun, exciting, captivating, unique, memorable and thrilling… to name a few. Right? Unfortunately, brands oft...

    Managing Vendors for Innovation

    As an innovative marketing vendor who is working with some of the biggest companies in America, I have some thoughts on what makes our successful clie...

    Engagement Case study Customer acquisition Shopper marketing

    Innovative Promotions for Shopper Marketers

    According to Quirk’s Marketing Review, “Just a few years ago, [shopper marketing] was a little-understood task driven by promotions or channel marketi...


    Sweepstakes: How to Avoid Common Pitfalls

    Sweepstakes are a well-worn and often-used strategy, and for good reason. They allow you to capture scores of new email addresses and they tend to be ...

    Engagement Retail Customer acquisition Email marketing Holiday

    Innovating Holiday Marketing

    It’s beginning to look a lot like...Christmas? Wait, a minute. It’s August. But while consumers are thinking about back-to-school, many retailers alre...

    Press Release

    Quikly Secures $3 Million In New Capital Led By Plymouth Ventures

    The marketing platform drives proven and immediate ROI for consumer brands. Detroit, MI – June 22, 2016 - Quikly, an industry-leading enterprise marke...

    Loyalty QSR Restaurant

    How Restaurants Drive Loyalty & Retention

    Your customers want value, and you want long-term, loyal relationships with them. More and more restaurants understand that building and maintaining a...