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    on June 01, 2017 Engagement

    Hey brands, you have to self-motivate to win at consumer engagement

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    If we really break it down to a bare-bone definition (this is according to Rutgers University):

     "Motivation is an inner drive that reflects goal-directed arousal. In a consumer behavior context, the results is a desire for a product, service, or experience. It is the drive to satisfy needs and wants, both physiological and psychological, through the purchase and use of products and services."

     If you are going to be successful as a consumer-facing brand in a highly competitive space today then you need to be sharp, capable and motivated -- but also ready to roll up your sleeves, be scrappy and edgy.

     Where do you start? Conduct a marketing audit. Are your marketing efforts tied to consumer motivational behaviors? A brand's marketing program should always, always, always be built around:

    • Anticipation → The more we think about something, the higher we perceive the value to be.
    • Scarcity → If something is limited, we feel that it’s exclusive and premium.
    • Fear of missing out → We don’t want to be the only one who’s left out of the fun.
    • Competition → When given the opportunity we want to win, not lose. 

    The results when this approach is taken are pretty insane, in a good way though -- a really good way, in fact. Here's a peak into a few stats of brands that used consumer motivational behaviors in their marketing efforts:

    • 3X the demand than normal
    • $325,000 in immediate sales
    • 15,000 responses in two minutes
    • $45 average basket size (up 50%)
    • 1M+ minutes of brand engagement in a week
    • 15,000 new customers acquired

    Those brands that achieved the above-mentioned results are no longer winning... why? They won, and by a landslide. They continue to win, too. Do you want your brand to win? Quikly is your solution. We helped those brands to achieve initial and continued results.

    Our technology platform that has an innovative way of motivating consumers in certain ways. We harness and maximize the power of a brand’s consumer following, using gamification marketing in the social media, email, SMS and web spaces – all at once. The result being sales wins, brand engagement and advocacy, customer analytics and much more.

    For more info on our lightning in a bottle approach, visit www.quikly.com.

    Email hola@quikly.com today.

    Shawn Geller

    Shawn is Quikly's CEO & co-founder.