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    on November 19, 2015 Loyalty QSR Restaurant

    How Restaurants Drive Loyalty & Retention

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    Your customers want value, and you want long-term, loyal relationships with them. More and more restaurants understand that building and maintaining an engaging and effective loyalty program is an excellent way to provide customers with value without simply cutting prices constantly.

    In fact, research from Boston Consulting Group prompted lead partner Dylan Bolden  to say, “If you are a quick serve and don’t have [a loyalty program], you’re going to be at a competitive disadvantage.”

    However, the quick-service and fast-casual restaurant industry is facing some complex loyalty issues. Competition is higher than ever both for restaurants and for dining loyalty programs. Why is a customer going to choose your loyalty program and then continue to participate in it? Moreover, the bar on loyalty programs is constantly rising—consumers expect valuable rewards but restaurants need to stay profitable.

    Two central loyalty program issues remain constant: 1) attracting customers and 2) keeping them engaged with the program once they’ve signed up. Luckily, there is one marketing strategy that neatly addresses both of these common challenges: leveraging gamified promotions to solve acquisition and retention challenges.

    Download our free white paper: How Restaurants Drive Loyalty and Retention to learn how top quick-service and fast-casual brands in the United States are addressing these two key loyalty issues.


    Shawn Geller

    Shawn is Quikly's CEO & co-founder.