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    What not to do as a B2C marketer (7 mistakes)

    As a marketer, it’s nice to know you’re performing well and your customers are happy with your communications, but what actions should you be avoiding...


    Personalization: 4 campaign examples from top B2C brands

    I happened to be scrolling through social media two days ago when one tweet caught my eye. It was a post referring to Coca-Cola’s 2016 "Share A Coke" ...


    2 text marketing strategies to better serve your subscribers

    Text message marketing is a front-runner in brand communications. One study listed it as a preferred method of communication for nearly half of consum...

    Consumer Psychology

    What I’ve learned about marketing psychology in 4 months

    It’s been two months since my first “What I’ve learned about marketing psychology” check-in, and let me be the first to tell you: The learning hasn’t ...

    Consumer Rewards

    Trending consumer incentive: Donation-driven marketing

    If the world is in our hands, shouldn’t we be able to decide how we want to care for it? Humans are a giving species. It’s even been said that we’re “...

    Email marketing

    3 email marketing trends every retail marketer should focus on in 2022

    Competition in the marketplace is fierce, and some consumers are growing tired of the constant messages from brands, but there are a few email marketi...

    Urgency Marketing

    How Pet Supplies Plus leverages urgency marketing to supercharge grand openings

    When it comes to growth, Pet Supplies Plus (PSP) is not slowing down. The independent pet retail franchise has seen a 23.5% growth rate over the past ...


    How brands can honor Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy on MLK Day

    When it comes to honoring a legacy as vast as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s, it is a far-reaching impact your brand should be after.

    Email marketing

    New customer acquisition: How to convert existing email subscribers

    Two things are for certain: gaining the attention of consumers and convincing them to join your email list can have their difficulties. You’ve done bo...