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    How to get more mobile app users

    You’ve got goals and getting more mobile app users is one of them. 

    Engagement Customer acquisition Loyalty Mobile QSR Restaurant Retention Customer Retention Onboard Acquire

    5 Tactics To Motivate Off-Premise Dining

    The emergence of services like GrubHub and Uber Eats over the last few years has completely transformed the way consumers dine. The appeal is apparent...


    How to Acquire High Quality Mobile App Users and Inspire Loyalty

    Acquire New App Users

    Loyalty Mobile Apps

    Building Loyalty Through Native Apps

    More and more brands are building native apps as one prong in a multi-pronged loyalty strategy, sometimes instead of a browser-based app, sometimes in...

    Engagement Quikly campaign Loyalty Mobile Apps

    How Microsoft Bing Boosts Loyalty

    Once or twice a month, we like to highlight one of the campaigns we're running so that brands who are considering a Quikly can see how it works in rea...