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    on May 04, 2022 Email Marketing B2C Marketing

    5 tips to keep email subscribers engaged

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    Gaining loyal email subscribers is only half the battle — now you have to keep them. 

    In order to do so, you’ll need to carefully manage your email marketing content in a way that best suits your brand and your subscribers. We’ve created a list of five email marketing tips that will help you retain subscribers and meet your brand goals. 

    1. Stay true to your brand mission

    Email marketing is designed to help you get brand messages across to email subscribers and create a loyal customer base that regularly engages with your digital content. To best take advantage of this marketing channel you have to be clear about who and what your brand is. 

    Consumers enjoy content that is simple to understand, and it’s a result of human psychology. Simple marketing messages make it easier for subscribers to have a seamless experience with your marketing. This is why having a direct call-to-action (CTA), clear email subject line and a targeted message are seen as foundational tools in email marketing. 

    2. Target your buyer persona

    For someone to subscribe to your email list, they first have to believe that you’re providing them with something relevant and beneficial. You want to live that out by catering to those very specific needs.

    When you’re sending out email marketing content, every message counts. It’s how you’re going to communicate with your subscribers and give them information about products and services; targeting your buyer persona means segmenting your content to clearly meet those initial expectations your subscribers had for your marketing content.

    3. Incentivize subscribers

    Retaining email subscribers requires you to give them something valuable, whether that be in your marketing message or through a tangible incentive.

    Incentives offer you the chance to reward your subscribers for their loyalty and incentivize them to continue interacting with your marketing campaigns. You can include discounts, loyalty points, free gifts and more in your email subject lines and inside content.

    4. Write compelling subject lines

    Getting high subscriber engagement is necessary for email marketing to be successful. 

    Email subject lines are the first thing your subscribers see when they check their email inbox or receive an email notification so they have to be absolutely engaging to retain your email subscribers. Great email subject lines leverage current trends, add urgency, get straight to the point and are personal. 

    (More information on how to write email subject lines like a pro.)

    5. Only send emails as needed

    Consumers are no stranger to marketing content and if they decide to subscribe to your email list, they are fully aware that you’ll be messaging them from time to time. However, that doesn’t mean they want to constantly see marketing emails in their inbox.

    For many consumers, less is more. The idea of receiving many marketing messages is overwhelming and it lessens their desire to engage with the information being sent. In order to help your subscribers get the most out of their subscription, send a set amount of tailored emails during a reasonable time. 

    Retaining email subscribers is necessary for the success of your brand marketing and achieving high engagement rates happens when you know who your subscribers are and what they need from you.


    Lindsay Keener

    Lindsay Keener is a brand journalist for Quikly. She covers stories that help to inform and educate consumer-facing marketers.