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    Restaurant Marketing Consumer Rewards

    30 customer incentive ideas for your QSR

    If there’s one thing fast-food restaurants are known for outside of their speedy service, it’s brand incentives.

    B2C Marketing Consumer Rewards Consumer Engagement

    Need to increase offer redemption rates? Try personalization.

    We all know offers are designed to incentivize customers to move toward a brand goal, but what happens when your customers don’t want them?

    Consumer Rewards

    Trending consumer incentive: Donation-driven marketing

    If the world is in our hands, shouldn’t we be able to decide how we want to care for it? Humans are a giving species. It’s even been said that we’re “...

    Consumer Rewards

    3 ways to step up your customer rewards

    You appreciate your customers, and you want them to know their support doesn’t go unnoticed. Rewards go a long way in giving back to them, but so many...

    Consumer Rewards Consumer Motivation

    Top brands are motivating consumers around these specific behaviors

    Consumers are more distracted and empowered with their purchase decisions than ever before, making it all too easy to tune out even their favorite bra...

    Consumer Rewards

    Incentivize consumers with more than discounts

    It can be hard to get consumers to do anything when they're inundated with digital offerings and outreach. Incentives are a great way to engage consum...

    Quikly Consumer Psychology Urgency Marketing Consumer Rewards

    Interview: Driving a visceral response from an existing audience

    During Detroit's Startup Week, StartupNation Radio's Jeff Sloan asked Quikly CEO's Shawn Geller how he helps leverage a brand's existing audience to d...

    Quikly Consumer Rewards

    Webinar Recap: Breathe New Life Into Your Campaigns

    Quikly partnered with Forrester earlier this month to detail the challenging brand-consumer relationship.  CEO Shawn Geller was joined by guest speake...

    Retail Marketing Consumer Rewards

    Discounts: Best Practices & Tools

    Promotions are everywhere these days—every kind of business is using some form of discounting all year round. Even the companies who say they don’t di...