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    on May 05, 2022 Restaurant Marketing Consumer Rewards

    30 customer incentive ideas for your QSR

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    If there’s one thing fast-food restaurants are known for outside of their speedy service, it’s brand incentives.

    QSRs are completely dominating the incentive space. Gone are the days of consumers only having the same perks to choose from; instead, brands are offering customers elevated versions of beloved promotions to drive engagement. 

    Here’s a list of 30 customer incentive ideas to inspire higher conversion rates.

    1. Redeemable loyalty points

    Loyalty program members are able to redeem their loyalty points in exchange for a menu item of their choice or a perk pre-selected by your brand.

    2. Kids eat free

    Children eat free with the purchase of an adult meal, either on an ongoing basis or within specific time frames. 

    3. Happy hour deals 

    Drinks and meals are offered at a reduced price each day within the happy hour window. 

    4. Digital / in-app exclusive perks 

    Customers who are subscribed to your marketing content or use your mobile app receive exclusive perks that can be used when purchasing a menu item.

    5. Unlimited menu item subscriptions

    Subscribers have access to unlimited amounts of a pre-selected menu item category (drinks, baked goods, side dishes, etc.) for a flat monthly fee. A subscription plan can include additional perks such as free refills, a discounted price for the first month or extra condiments for the customer’s order.

    6. Value meal deals

    Customers receive a selected bundle of menu items for a set price. This can include one or more entrees, a dessert, a drink or any other assortment of items as one purchase for a flat price.

    7. Carry-out / pick-up deals

    Special perks for customers who purchase an item for carry-out or pick-up.

    8. Family promotions

    Family-focused campaigns can range from offering large portions of food for a discounted price to large servings of food that feed multiple people.

    9. Weekly menu promotions

    Customers are offered a price reduction on a menu item when they purchase the item during a certain day of the week. 

    10. Holiday deals

    Discounted prices on birthdays, national holidays or playful holidays relevant to your brand (for example: National Pizza Day).  

    11. BOGO

    Customers get an item for free or at a discounted price with the purchase of a full-price menu item.

    12. Dine-in deals

    Exclusive offers available to customers who eat inside your establishment.

    13. Increased loyalty points

    Customers can double their loyalty points when they complete an action of your choice.

    14. Mix and match deals 

    A variety of menu items are offered for one set price. Customers can choose two or more items to include in their purchase. The deal gives customers the opportunity to buy their favorite entrees for the price of one (or lower). 

    15. Personalized coupons 

    After completing an activity (answering a set of questions, completing a survey, downloading an app) customers receive a personalized coupon that can be redeemed on a menu item.

    16. Discounted menu item for a year

    When customers fulfill your desired call to action (CTA), reward them with a major discount on a brand favorite. You can choose to reward every customer who completes the activity or to offer the incentive to an exclusive number of customers to drive urgency.

    17. Limited-time incentives 

    Set a time limit for your incentives to help drive immediate action in your customers. This can revolve around monthly promotions, short-term price reductions, bonus meal options and more.

    18. Free upgrade with purchase

    After they make a purchase, customers are rewarded for their patronage with a free upgrade on a beloved item.

    19. Contests / sweepstakes 

    When customers make a purchase on a select item, they are offered a chance to enter into a raffle that could result in a number of tiered rewards from thousands of dollars to a free gift card.

    20. Early-bird access

    This special incentive is reserved for customers who enjoy being ahead of the crowd. It can be approached in various ways: reduced prices during early hours of operation or access to valuable perks reserved for customers who are the first to help you reach a certain marketing goal.

    21. Referral bonus 

    Customers earn cash rewards, discounts on menu items and other special perks when they refer loved ones to your QSR.

    22. Secret menu items

    Offer secret menu items that work as a word-of-mouth incentive for your brand advocates. 

    23. Donation-driven incentives 

    This personalized give-back incentive allows consumers to choose the social cause that matters most to them so they can donate their money how they’d like. 

    24. Late-night specials

    Menu promotions offered during the late-night hours for customers who patronize your business after dark.

    25. New menu items

    Spark consumers’ interests and their taste buds with special new menu items. 

    26. Uncertainty / mystery promotions

    Leverage curiosity, anticipation and excitement by offering customers a low-stake campaign where they can enter to win a valuable reward. This can occur through the form of a raffle or lottery, a hidden golden ticket that promises a prize or another option chosen by your QSR.

    27. Return of fan favorites

    Bring back discontinued menu items that are nostalgic favorites of your customer base.

    28. Influencer / celebrity inspired menu items

    Meal collaborations between beloved social stars and your QSR.

    29. New customer incentives 

    Discounts and other special rewards designed for new customers.

    30. Tiered rewards

    Allow consumers to track their progress as each tier gives them something to work toward. They will be more motivated to purchase a product or complete an activity if it means gaining rewards (according to psychology). Perks can include specific menu items, lowered prices, personalized challenges and more.

    There are many creative ways for your QSR to offer rewards and incentives that will make for a beneficial customer experience. These 30 are just to get you started. Feel free to combine any of the QSR incentive ideas above or come up with your own. 


    Lindsay Keener

    Lindsay Keener is a brand journalist for Quikly. She covers stories that help to inform and educate consumer-facing marketers.