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    Consumer Rewards Consumer Promotions

    How consumer incentives can benefit your brand

    When you want to empower your customers to make the best decisions for themselves, consumer incentives can help.

    Consumer Promotions

    The value of consumer discounts

    If you were to ask a consumer psychologist what the brain science behind consumer discounts is, they might mention elements of scarcity, pleasure and ...

    B2C Marketing Consumer Promotions

    What are the benefits of a consumer promotion?

    Many of your brand strategies revolve around two main objectives: retaining current customers and welcoming new ones. To do this, you must regularly m...

    B2C Marketing Consumer Promotions

    A financial expert’s tips on creating a smart discount strategy

    Spending money might be a part of life, but that doesn’t mean your consumers enjoy doing it.

    B2C Marketing Consumer Promotions

    What uncertainty can do for your consumer promotions

    If you were presented with an uncertain set of circumstances, what would you do? Run towards them or run away?