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    check it out: Top consumer trends for your industry

    We researched, consolidated and are now communicating (to you) the top consumer trends for each of our six industry focuses. It helped us, and we figu...

    Retail Customer Psychology

    Every Retailer Can Have an Amazon “Prime Day”

    Have you heard about the upcoming Amazon Prime Day? Amazon's latest genius marketing move, on Wednesday July 15th, the company will offer all sorts of...

    Press Release Retail

    Quikly for Retail

    Retailers have a lot of marketing KPI's, including but not limited to increasing sales, boosting engagement, acquiring new and demographically relevan...

    Your brand’s sweepstakes efforts are dying. We’re the cure.

    Someone mentioned the other day that sweepstakes are dead. We don't necessarily agree. Maybe sweeps are on life support, but not completely dead. Swee...

    Press release: CEO of Tech Platform Quikly Named to Detroit TechWeek100

    Press Release