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Retail | Email, Social Media, Mobile App

How DSW Delivers Against Critical Marketing Initiatives

Restaurant | Email, Mobile App

How American Dairy Queen Quickly Increased Mobile App Downloads

Retail | Social Media, Email, Text/SMS

How Vera Bradley Turned a Social Media Deficit into 20,000 New Followers in One Week

Restaurant | Email, Social Media

How A&W Lowered Acquisition Costs with Constrained Resources

Retail | Grand Openings, Email

How Pet Supplies Plus Supercharges Grand Openings

Entertainment | Email, Social Media

How Holiday World & Splashin' Safari Accelerates Acquisition at a Lower Cost

Convenience, Restaurant | Loyalty, Email, Text/SMS, Social Media

How Casey's Acquired an Incremental 20K Loyalty Subscribers in One Week

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About Quikly

Consumers are more distracted and empowered with their purchase decisions than ever before, making it all too easy to tune out even their favorite brands. Quikly’s technology platform helps. We leverage incentives and psychology to motivate consumers, so you can immediately increase response around your key marketing initiatives. Brands use Quikly to achieve acquisition and retention goals faster, more cost-effectively and with less resources.