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    on October 26, 2017 Loyalty

    The Best Way to Find New Loyalty Members [Infographic]

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    Developing a loyal customer base is key to creating sustainable brand value. Leaders in Loyalty find success when they master constant growth of their loyalty program by acquiring the right new members. However, it's difficult to continuously find high quality new members efficiently and with scale. Referred customers have approximately 25% higher customer lifetime values than non-referred customers — even when you factor in referral costs (Warton Study). By incentivizing engagement and utilizing urgency marketing, the reach of a campaign can easily be amplified to attract new members and maximize results.

    A brand's traditional enrollment tactics have limited reach and eventually diminish in their ability to continuously build program membership. Referred customers are 18% less likely to churn than non-referred customers (Warton Study). Quikly turns members into program advocates by providing a compelling (and urgent or immediately motivating) incentive resulting in high-quality, cost efficient closed loop referrals.



    Bess Owen

    Content Marketing Manager