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    on April 09, 2020 Social Media Consumer Psychology

    Social media evolves as quarantine continues (with podcast)

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    It’s hard to do virtually anything right now because the coronavirus has made it unsafe to be around people. So consumers have been relying on the internet more than ever before. 

    “It really is our information and our entertainment and our people-to-people connection source,” one woman said.

    In our latest episode of Market with Me Quikly — a podcast to inform, educate and assist B2C marketers in doing their jobs just a little bit better — we spoke to consumers across the U.S. about the evolution of social media in quarantine.

    “I've been using it to stay connected with my friends online,” one man said. “We've been meeting up together through online Zoom chats and Xbox chats just to hang out with each other.”

    From consuming content on Facebook and Twitter to watching live streams on Instagram and YouTube, people have been tapping into every facet of these channels. Because of this, brands like Aerie, musicians like Miley Cyrus, actors like John Krasinsiki and other big name celebrities have started using these outlets as a way to perform and connect with their fans in new ways.

    All of this has created a need for some people to consciously put down their phones and laptops. One consumer said she found herself browsing the internet for ‘things not to do on the internet,’ like reading a book, doing arts and crafts and exercising. All of which she made while online shopping.

    Obviously, the coronavirus’ toll on our world has been horrific and heartbreaking. And in no way should marketers take advantage of vulnerable consumers. But there is an opportunity to connect and serve people who might be looking for a new product or brand while they’re on social media. In our next episode, we’ll have more from consumers about how they’re engaging with brand outreach.

    We’ll be continuing to cover the coronavirus — with a heavy focus on consumer psychology. If you think you can bring some level of expertise or knowledge that I wouldn’t have otherwise — please reach out. 

    You can email us directly at andrea@quikly.com.


    Andrea Gonzales-Paul

    Andrea Gonzales-Paul is a brand journalist at Quikly. Her background is in storytelling, specifically working in TV news and documentary filmmaking.