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    on September 24, 2021 QSR Restaurant Urgency Marketing

    One secret to getting ahead of the curve in QSR (Hint: It’s urgency marketing) 

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    A tale as old as time, many have heard how the absence of preparation can lead to unfavorable outcomes. No example is better suited to illustrate this than the current state of quick-service restaurants (QSRs).

    Best known for their quick and easy in-person dining experience, QSRs certainly have their fair share of perks: speedy service, affordability, various food options and more. 

    But what happens when a global pandemic forces doors to close, and consumers require different means of engagement? 

    In 2020, we saw the effects firsthand. Restaurants and marketers that stuck with traditional business practices felt the devastating consequences of lessened sales and low customer satisfaction. Others, recognizing positive trends in customer engagement ​​online, were able to capitalize on the shift to digital marketing that was accelerated by COVID-19.

    The creation of in-house mobile-ordering options, increased loyalty program efforts and contactless pickup and delivery were key players in helping businesses stay afloat during previous months. Brands with less-than-satisfactory results on the digital front had to make up for lost time by asking more of their resources and employees.

    While all hope isn’t lost for QSRs that have successfully navigated through the ongoing pandemic, marketers are being urged to find more immediate, cost-effective, digitally focused avenues to drive traffic to these restaurants.

    Marketers looking to build upon previously designed digital marketing initiatives or establish better relationships with customers, must be willing to think outside the box. Tools like urgency marketing are critical to immediately increase consumer response and heighten the chances for customer retention.

    True to its namesake, urgency marketing capitalizes on the excitement and anticipation of time-sensitive promotional earnings, typically reserved for holidays like Amazon Prime Day, to immediately motivate consumers around any conversion point a brand is trying to drive. 

    This innovative tactic is completely changing the way consumers engage with brands; gone are the days of solely using urgency marketing on special occasions. Consumers have evolved and are interested in unique purchasing experiences on a more regular basis.

    Fueled by human psychology, urgency marketing has a staying power unlike traditional marketing outreach customers have come to know and ignore. By implementing urgency tactics like exclusive discounts or competitive incentives, brands can stretch their dollars further, exceed multiple marketing goals at once and gain customer loyalty in return.

    If preparation is indicative of a strong past, getting ahead of the curve is the future. QSR marketers have a chance to cut through the noise of this unique moment, but only if they strike while the urgency marketing iron is hot.


    Lindsay Keener

    Lindsay Keener is a brand journalist for Quikly. She covers stories that help to inform and educate consumer-facing marketers.