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    on April 09, 2018 Customer Psychology QSR Restaurant Marketing Insights

    The Next Generation of Digitally-Savvy Customers is Changing QSR

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    The restaurant industry is rapidly changing, and brands that are focused on digital innovation while adapting to new consumer preferences are getting ahead. QSRs also need to adapt to the growing demand for variety, affordability, and technology in order to engage the next generation of digitally-savvy customers. While modern consumers are focused on unique and healthy food options, their primary concern is convenience. 79% of millennials report they regularly spend money eating at restaurants (Shopkick), making this audience a priority for QSRs. As millennials and Gen Z continue to grow into a stronger consumer force, it’s crucial for restauranteurs to develop a deeper understanding of their interests and prioritize digital engagement to stay relevant. Many QSRs are offering apps, community platform presence (Yelp), or in-app experiences, such as games to deeper the consumer relationship. According to QSR Magazine, 63% of millennials have at least one quick-service app on their phones and 73% have used mobile apps within quick-serves. The significance of a digital presence is clear, but how can QSRs stand out from the crowd and grow a loyal Millennial and Gen Z customer base?

    Leading brands leverage Quikly to help address their ever-evolving marketing challenges - accommodating the industry's new digital consumer trends, specifically in reaching the next generation of digitally-savvy, incentive-driven customers. The Quikly platform is simple and flexible - accelerating acquisition, sales, and lapsed customer retention efforts across CRM, loyalty, mobile & social. Results are consistent and proven:

    -  Reduce new customer acquisition by up to 40%

    -  Increase lapsed customer retention rates by up to 15%

    -  Increase loyalty & offer redemption rates by up to 30%



    Bess Owen

    Content Marketing Manager