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    on December 13, 2021 Urgency Marketing

    4 benefits of urgency marketing

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    Implementing urgency marketing, which is the method of infusing urgency tactics into your marketing to elicit immediate consumer response, can come with significant benefits.

    Here are four of them: 

    1. Motivates consumers to take action

    Urgency has a way of promoting, well, urgency. 

    A strategy largely based around inspiring forward movement in your target market, urgency marketing is designed to help marketers create significant responses over a short period of time. It combines psychology principles known to drive action (think of anticipation, scarcity or FOMO) with standard marketing tactics to create innovative ways of marketing to consumers.

    Think back to moments you’ve felt especially moved to do something. What sparked the desire you felt? Was it excitement? Was it FOMO? A mixture of both? You can thank your natural psychological responses for that experience.

    Feelings of urgency aren’t easy to ignore — that’s a great thing when you’re a brand trying to help guide your customers in a certain direction.

    2. Gives brands an edge up on the competition

    While urgency marketing wasn’t invented yesterday, it hasn’t made as many rounds in the world of branding and advertising as its counterparts. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t a worthy resource for marketers.

    In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Marketing psychology can help give your brand a competitive edge. When the needs of consumers are always changing, marketing psychology provides new and innovative ways to satisfy their needs.

    3. Gets through to distracted consumers

    Consumers have a lot going on. 

    With the ongoing pandemic, complaints of consumer inundation, and so many different brands to choose from, it isn’t hard to get distracted nowadays. Urgency marketing uses psychology to cut through the noise and motivate consumers to not only pay attention, but take action. 

    4. Increases perceived value

    How much more valuable does something look when other people praise it? What about when an attractive offer will only last for a certain amount of time? 

    These are both forms of scarcity, a common tactic used in urgency marketing. According to research, scarcity actually increases perceived value around whatever item or experience is scarce. When consumers experience fear around possibly missing out on a product or service, they’re much more prone to put forth a dedicated effort towards engaging with a brand.

    Urgency marketing is making a name for itself and brands are seeing major benefits. These four are only the start. 


    Lindsay Keener

    Lindsay Keener is a brand journalist for Quikly. She covers stories that help to inform and educate consumer-facing marketers.