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    Once or twice a month, we like to highlight one of the campaigns we're running so that brands considering a Quikly can see how it works in real time. Brands choose Quikly because Quikly promotions deliver immediate ROI in the form of new (and demographically relevant customers), increased revenue, and huge boosts to engagement, all while increasing loyalty and customer satisfaction.What better way to see how it all works than to play along with a live campaign?

    Today, we're highlighting Sole Society. Based in Los Angeles, Sole Society is a leading lifestyle brand of women’s shoes, handbags and accessories that caters to upscale, savvy consumers. Sole Society offers exclusive styles crafted with the same quality and standards as brands that typically cost twice the price.


    Like many retailers, Sole Society chose Quikly to help 1) drive revenue 2) increase engagement among its existing and loyal fan base and 3) drive new customer acquisition.  Retailers have lots of choices for how to achieve these common goals, but research shows that participants in a Quikly campaign have higher conversion rates, longer engagement with the brand, and redeem rewards at higher rates than other promotional activities. Quikly’s just work better than traditional promotional and marketing activities.  

    Sole Society is starting its Quikly today. Opt in here to see how it works and play along: https://www.quikly.com/974

    Here's how it works:  Starting today, Sole Society fans can sign up by clicking the “I Want In” button and following instructions to opt in. At some point soon (but players don't know exactly when!), the Quikly will go live. When it does, participants will get a text with a secret link. Structuring the game this way leverages customers' love of competition, fear of missing out, and the thrill of anticipation, thereby increasing engagement and acquisition for Sole Society. The first 10,000 participants will score rewards; the faster the response, the better the reward. By sharing the promotion with friends and family, participants can even earn a competitive edge. The top prizes are gift cards for $300, $200, and $100.  Other prizes include $5, $10, or $15 off a $50 purchase.

    Neil Yaekle

    Neil is VP Client Success at Quikly.