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    on September 24, 2015 Retail Marketing Quikly

    Jo-Ann Stores Quikly Campaign--Still Time to Play Along!

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    Once or twice a month, we like to highlight one of the campaigns we're running so that brands who are considering a Quikly can see how it works in real time. What better way to see how it all goes down than to play along with a live campaign? Play along with the Jo-Ann campaign here.

    Today we’re highlighting Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, the nation's largest specialty retailer of fabrics and crafts. Jo-Ann is launching Buttercream, a new collection featuring craft components, finished home decor items, baking supplies, and unique fabrics.

    Jo-Ann is starting it’s Quikly today. Opt in here to see how it works and play along: https://www.quikly.com/joannstores.  

    Jo-Ann, like many retailers, chose to leverage the Quikly platform to:

    • Drive awareness and interest in a new product line (the Buttercream collection)
    • Drive revenue, both online and in its 849 stores in 49 states
    • Drive new customer acquisition through Quikly’s social referral mechanic, where existing customers share the promotion with other demographically relevant potential customers.

    Retailers have numerous choices on how to achieve these common goals, but research shows that participants in a Quikly campaign have higher conversion rates, longer engagement with the brand, and redeem rewards at higher rates than other promotional activities. Quikly just works better than traditional promotional and marketing activities.  

    Here's how it works:  Starting today, Jo-Ann fans can signup by clicking the “I Want In” button and following instructions to opt in.

    At some point soon (but players don't know exactly when!), the Quikly will go live. When it does, participants will get a text with a secret link. Structuring the game this way leverages customers' love of competition, fear of missing out, and the thrill of anticipation, thereby increasing engagement and acquisition for Jo-Ann.

    The faster the response, the better the reward. By sharing the promotion with friends and family, participants can even earn a competitive edge. The top prizes are Jo-Ann gift cards for $500, $200, and $100.  Thousands of other participants will score other crafty rewards, including free shipping offers, 50% off coupons, and gift cards ranging from $5-75.

    If you’re a retail brand considering leveraging the Quikly mechanic and you’d like to play along, go for it! Then email us at hola@movequikly.com and we can set you up to run your own campaign in a matter of days.

    Neil Yaekle

    Neil is VP Client Success at Quikly.