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    on September 28, 2017 Social Media

    How To Easily Boost Social Media Engagement

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    Nothing is quite as meaningful for a company as earning the trust of a consumer when there are thousands of other brands to choose from. Quikly’s new white paper, “How Marketers Can Use Incentives More Strategically to Influence Consumer Behavior,” explores how and why the brand-consumer relationship is strengthened when earned promotions and offers are utilized.

    When a brand presents a deal to a consumer that has to be earned before it can be claimed, engagement spikes. 88% of people surveyed agree they are more likely to redeem a reward or offer that they had to earn. Applying this tactic to social engagement can also wake up sleeping audience members by re-establishing a relationship built on earning.

    Achieving engagement across social platforms is a continual struggle, the solution to encouraging audience participation through social sharing is establishing a strong brand-consumer relationship. The majority of social users participate in order to experience and share valuable or entertaining content. Using the Quikly platform, 40-60% of campaign participants complete one or more earn time action, such as sharing user generated content. Here are two easy ways to help boost engagement on social media:

    1. Make a Trade 
      When offering a reward or promotion, try asking your customer to follow your brand on a social platform before they are able to claim. Not only does an opportunity to earn a reward result in greater participation, it also establishes a new relationship with the consumer and creates opportunity for future interaction on social. 

    2. Exclusivity Incentivizes Sharing
      When customers are able to earn an exclusive reward through a brand, a stronger relationship is developed between brand and consumer. Customers are far more likely to share an offer over social media that they have earned, creating a brand advocate.

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    Bess Owen

    Content Marketing Manager