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    on October 08, 2015 Retail Marketing Quikly

    How Pet Supplies Plus Drives In-Store Revenue

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    Once or twice a month, we like to highlight one of the campaigns we're running so that brands who are considering a Quikly can see how it works in real time. What better way to see how it all goes down than to play along with a live campaign? Play along with the Pet Supplies Plus Quikly campaign here.

    Today we’re highlighting Pet Supplies Plus, the nation’s largest pet retail franchise with more than 300 locations in 25 Eastern states. Pet Supplies Plus has been a long-time Quikly client (running more than a dozen campaigns) and provides a good example of how to leverage the Quikly service seasonally to drive revenue and new customer acquisition.

    The campaign that launches today has three main goals:

    • Drive new customer acquisition

    • Drive revenue

    • Generate awareness of the Halloween Pet Parade on 10/24

    A Quikly campaign is a gamified promotion that leverages customers’ love of competition, fear of missing out, and the thrill of anticipation. Here’s how it works:Pet Supplies Plus is offering a total of $135,000 in gift cards and rewards. Starting today, Pet Supplies Plus fans click the “I Want In” button then opt in to be notified when the rewards are released. By sharing the promotion with friends and family, participants can even earn a competitive edge. As fans opt-in and spread the word, the hype builds.

    At some point soonthe players don't know exactly when!the Quikly will go live and the rewards will go up for grabs. When the Quikly goes live, participants are texted a secret link. The faster they respond, the better the reward they earn.

    The top three players will score gift cards for $250, $150, and $50, and tens of thousands of other fans will score great offers worth $15, $10, and $5 towards a purchase.

    Pet Supplies Plus has found numerous benefits and strong ROI from leveraging Quikly’s capabilities, some of which are outlined below.

    • New customer acquisition: Tens of thousands of new customers are referred to the campaign through Quikly’s social mechanic. In fact, usually 20-40% of game participants are socially referred.

    • Increased conversion: 1 in 2 visitors to the campaign will opt in.

    • Increased engagement:  5+ minutes of engagement is generated per participant.

    Retailers have numerous choices on how to achieve these common goals, but PSP’s loyalty to the Quikly mechanic is proof of how well it works.

    If you’re a retail brand considering Quikly, play along! Then email us at hola@movequikly.com and we can set up your own campaign in a matter of days.


    Neil Yaekle

    Neil is VP Client Success at Quikly.