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    on September 30, 2015 Customer Acquisition Restaurant Marketing Quikly

    Domino's Pizza Drives Trial & Sample with Quikly

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    Once or twice a month, we like to highlight one of the campaigns we're running so that brands who are considering a Quikly can see how it works in real time. What better way to see how it all goes down than to play along with a live campaign? Play along with the Domino’s Quikly campaign here.

    Today we’re highlighting Domino’s Pizza, the world leader in pizza delivery. Domino’s has been a long-time Quikly client (running more than a half dozen campaigns), and leverages the Quikly mechanic in a number of creative and innovative ways. Their numerous successes demonstrate that a promotion doesn’t need to be limited to an annual event. Quikly campaigns can have power and influence over revenue and customer acquisition on a regular basis.

    The Domino’s Quikly launches today. Opt in here to see how it works and play along.

    Quick-service and fast-casual restaurants have some common business goals, including driving trial and sample for a new product. Domino’s is launching a new dessert called the marbled cookie brownie (sounds amazing, right?). The company structured its campaign to promote the new product, drive trial and sample, and encourage market acceptance.

    Here's how it works: Starting today, Domino’s fans can signup by clicking the “I Want In” button then opt in to be notified when the rewards are released.

    At some point soon (the players don't know exactly when!), the Quikly will go live and the rewards will go up for grabs. By sharing the promotion with friends and family, participants can even earn a competitive edge. When the Quikly goes live, participants will be texted a secret link. The faster they respond, the better the reward they earn.

    Structuring the game this way leverages customers' love of competition, fear of missing out, and the thrill of anticipation, thereby increasing engagement and acquisition for Domino’s. The top rewards are pizza for a year and Domino’s gift cards for $100 and $50. But because Domino’s really wants to drive trial and sample of a new product, they are giving away 50,000 more rewards for those who don’t react quite as fast: a free marbled cookie brownie with the purchase of a pizza.  

    Domino’s had a secondary goal: to drive online ordering. Therefore, the free marbled cookie brownie reward can only be used at dominos.com. This structure accomplishes several goals with one promotion:

    • Trial and sampling of a new product: the marbled cookie brownie.

    • Online ordering: Most of the 50k rewards can only be redeemed online, driving usage of the online ordering process.

    • New customer acquisition: Tens of thousands of new customers are referred to the campaign through Quikly’s social mechanic. In fact, usually 30-50% of game participants are socially referred.

    • Increased conversion: 1 in 2 visitors to the campaign will opt in.

    • Increased engagement:  5+ minutes of engagement is generated per participant in the game.

    Restaurants have numerous choices on how to achieve these common goals, but Domino’s loyalty to the Quikly mechanic is proof of how well it works.

    If you’re a retail brand considering leveraging the Quikly mechanic and you’d like to play along, go for it! Then email us at hola@movequikly.com and we can set up your own campaign in a matter of days.


    Neil Yaekle

    Neil is VP Client Success at Quikly.