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    on March 29, 2018 Mobile App Marketing

    How to Acquire High Quality Mobile App Users and Inspire Loyalty

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    Acquire New App Users

    When it comes to acquiring mobile app users, it’s not just about quantity, but also quality. The cost of achieving a greater number of app installs is decreasing, however, it is becoming more and more expensive to acquire high-value users, who will make continuous purchases via the mobile app. Boost your mobile app user acquisition - quantity and quality - with these simple tactics:

    1. Convert Current Customers Into App Users at Scale

    Brands can easily deepen their relationship with customers by infusing psychological motivators into their outreach and encouraging app downloads. Add a new layer to your current promotions through mobile app education or app-specific offers. By incentivizing app downloads from current email or SMS subscribers, Quikly clients see a 2X increase in app downloads.

    2. Motivate Customers to Refer Friends to Download App

    Create urgency for customers to share mobile offers with family and friends. Tease a limited quantity of offers that will become available soon to reward current mobile app users for referring friends. Using Quikly, brands see up to 60% of participants referring an average of 8 friends.

    - While app users are more difficult to acquire, they are much more loyal. App users spend 18x more time in-app than on mobile sites.

    With Quikly:

    - 1.2-2X greater spend by those acquired with Quikly


    Inspire Loyalty

    High app download rates are irrelevant if users continuously abandon the app. Mobile marketers are all too familiar with the struggles of mastering app stickiness and inspiring loyalty with those who have downloaded. The percentage of users who abandon an app after one use is 23%.6 Make these enhancements to your mobile strategy to keep app users from lapsing: 

    1. Effectively Engage Mobile App Users At-Risk of Lapse

    Encourage continued use of your brand’s mobile app by layering on exclusivity to your standard offers. Target audience members that are at-risk of lapsing and release time-sensitive or limited quantity discounts that can only be redeemed through the app. Adding this incentive will provoke action from the at-risk app users, with up to 25% of your most loyal customers motivated to respond and purchase.

    2.  Reactivate Lapsed Mobile App Users

    Target lapsed mobile app users with motivating offers that leverage psychological motivators. Using offers with “We Miss You” messaging, attach a deeper layer expressing time sensitivity or limited quantities to inspire inactive users to act. By incorporating these motivators, Quikly clients see a 15% increase in response rates from inactive customers. 

    - 80% of app users churn within 90 days.

    With Quikly:

    - 2-3X increase in reactivated lapsed members compared to existing strategies.



    Bess Owen

    Content Marketing Manager