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    Amazon Prime Day has become the Black Friday of the summer, and the days leading up to it are a media frenzy. This year, the event ran from July 15-16. Here are nine fast facts about it:

    1. Typically Prime Day has only lasted a day to a day and a half, but this year the sale lasted for a full two days. (Source: Quartz)

    2. This was the most successful Prime Day; in fact, it was the biggest sales day in Amazon history. It beat the sales of Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined! (Source: Tech Crunch)

    3. Worldwide, Prime members saved over one billion dollars on their purchases. (Source: BusinessWire)

    4. This was also the "fastest" Prime Day ever with millions of items shipped in one day or less. (Source: Retail Dive)

    5. Over 175 million items were purchased, totaling over two billion dollars in online sales. (Source: Android Headlines)

    6. Large retailers (those with revenue over $1 billion) also offered discounts over the two-day period that resulted in a 68 percent jump in sales. (Source: CNN)

    7. This was the fifth Prime Day. The first was introduced in 2015 to help celebrate Amazon’s 20th birthday. (Source: Business Insider)

    8. The biggest win for Amazon was their increase in Prime memberships. More people registered on July 15 to become a Prime member than on any other day in Amazon history. July 16 also brought close to the same results. (Source: TechCrunch)

    9. In celebration of such Prime Day success, CEO Jeff Bezos climbed Amazon spheres, a group of glass-enclosed structures outside of the Seattle headquarters. He wore climbing gear and an Amazon hard hat and held a sign that said “thank you.” (Source: Business Insider)

    Interested in learning more about the urgency marketing that Amazon uses to create Prime Day success? Stay tuned to our blog to learn more. Our team would also be happy to chat with you directly about how your brand can leverage urgency marketing to increase sales.