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    on November 23, 2021 Consumer Psychology

    5 benefits of using marketing psychology in your business practices

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    If you’ve been looking for reasons as to why marketing psychology could be beneficial for business, look no further. We’ve got you covered. 

    There are all sorts of marketing strategies promising to help you meet your brand goals, to help make your job easier and to help satisfy the needs of your customers. While they all talk a good game, there’s one marketing strategy that stands out from the rest: marketing psychology.

    We could go on and on about how great marketing psychology is, but we figured we’d let the benefits do the talking. Here are five benefits of using marketing psychology for your brand.

    1. Automatically resonates with consumers

    Interested in immediately getting the attention of your target audience? Try marketing psychology.

    The great thing about psychology is that it’s an innate part of each and every human being. We all have brains that respond, in one way or another, to psychological concepts like scarcity, anticipation or urgency. It’s in our nature, and it can work wonders for your brand.

    Consumers can’t ignore marketing campaigns that speak directly to their psychological needs. Whether they have a clear understanding of your strategies or not, they’ll feel compelled to engage further. Your quality products and services will keep them engaged from there. 

    2. Produces immediate results

    With marketing psychology being so in tune with the thought processes of consumers, it doesn’t take long for brands to see the results of using brain science in their marketing campaigns. In fact, it can happen quite quickly.

    Urgency marketing is one of the best strategies for ushering in quick responses from consumers. Urgency marketing combines a number of psychology practices that drive consumers to make decisions quickly, thanks to feelings like excitement or a desire to win. 

    You can use urgency marketing in social media campaigns, for email acquisition purposes, to drive traffic to your site and much more.

    3. Cultivates emotional connectivity

    Brace yourself, things are about to get deep.

    You might not have paid much attention to it before now, but it’s safe to assume that you’ve felt some sort of an emotion during a commercial transaction before.

    This could be due to feelings of happiness after finding the perfect outfit or the satisfaction of eating your favorite meal. No matter the emotion felt, you experienced a shift in your connection with a brand, and human psychology is the cause.

    Implementing marketing psychology in your brand strategies can help you create similar experiences for your customers. Together, you can benefit from feelings that will bring about high engagement rates and drive conversions.

    4. Puts you in the minds of consumers

    Ever wonder what was going on in the minds of consumers? Or how to predict how you can best serve them? You guessed it — marketing psychology can help.

    The science behind what makes us tick, marketing psychology gives an inside look into human tendencies and psychological behaviors. In other words, it puts you in the minds of consumers.

    If you can anticipate what a consumer is going to do when prompted with a certain psychology principle, you can create campaigns around it that will work in alignment with your interests and best serve the needs of your audience. 

    5. Helps you meet your marketing goals

    No matter what you’re looking to accomplish in your campaigns, marketing psychology can help you get there.

    Each principle used in marketing psychology has a number of different benefits that come with exercising the tool. This means that you can use the same principle multiple times to accomplish goals across your marketing team. The same tactic you use in your email marketing can also be applied to your customer acquisition goals. Not only are these practices unique and innovative, but they can also cut down costs and increase brand awareness all at the same time. 

    Similar to the human brain, there’s no limit to what marketing psychology can do. With so many different ways to implement brain science into your marketing campaigns, the benefits to your brand are endless. 


    Lindsay Keener

    Lindsay Keener is a brand journalist for Quikly. She covers stories that help to inform and educate consumer-facing marketers.