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    on November 05, 2021 Loyalty Programs

    4 leading brands with stellar loyalty programs

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    Creating a strong loyalty rewards program takes effort and skill. While many brands have tried their hand at building a program that customers love, some have cracked the code.

    Here are four brands, within both restaurant and retail, that have successfully developed popular loyalty programs:

    1. Starbucks

    Any coffee fanatics around? Starbucks has a loyalty program personalized enough to make all of your java-filled dreams come true.

    The brand gives loyalty program rewards members the chance to earn Stars (its version of rewards/points) each time they make a purchase in store or via the Starbucks mobile app. As with most point-based programs, the more points customers rack up, the more rewards they get in return.

    Starbucks makes ordering items incredibly easy for customers, offering payment options through their mobile app for those who want to order ahead or physically in-stores. The brand has also partnered with a number of grocery stores and retailers, giving customers even more opportunities to order their favorite items and redeem points. 

    2. DSW

    Points, points and more points! DSW is anything but stingy with their rewards program.

    VIP members can expect to be rewarded right from the start. A clear focus is placed on customer appreciation and making sure members get the most out of their time in the program.

    Some of the DSW perks include:

    • Points with every purchase
    • 20% off on your first purchase as a VIP member
    • $5 off on VIP birthdays
    • Exclusive access to upcoming promotions, events, announcements, etc.

    DSW also offers its rewards program in tiers, which means that as a customer obtains more points, their status in the program increases. The tiers are split into three groups: Club, Gold and Elite.

    Once a member spends $200 they become a “VIP Gold” member. After $500 is spent, customers are recognized as an “Elite” member. With each status change, the amount of perks customers receive grows.

    3. Chili's

    Chili’s has taken customer service to a whole new level with its loyalty rewards program. Being a "My Chili's Rewards" member comes with a variety of perks that makes eating with friends and family all the more valuable.

    • Free chips and salsa (or a non-alcoholic drink) on every visit
    • Free birthday treats
    • Personalized rewards (free kids meals, free appetizers, free delivery, etc.)
    • Rewards that can be used when ordering to-go, curbside or delivery

    4. Sephora

    Incorporating human-like aspects into your marketing campaigns can help promote a positive relationship between your brand and its loyalty program reward members. Sephora is a brand that understands this.

    Customers are referred to by name, recommended products based on their purchase history and given multiple opportunities to create a more personalized experience during their customer journey. 

    Following the purchase of an item, loyalty program members receive communications on how to get the most out of their recent purchase, are sent messages about exclusive offers based on their shopping history and receive reminders about possible perks.

    These brand leaders are proof that creating strong loyalty programs is more than possible. The secret is remembering to keep the interests of your customers at the forefront of your loyalty strategy. 

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    Lindsay Keener

    Lindsay Keener is a brand journalist for Quikly. She covers stories that help to inform and educate consumer-facing marketers.