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    on October 11, 2017 Mobile App Marketing

    3 Ways to Increase Mobile App Use

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    Feeling lost in a sea of apps? There are millions of them - from entertainment, to finance, to fitness, to restaurants, and more. Not only is standing out hard, but keeping your audience’s attention can be even more challenging.  More and more brands are seeking innovative solutions to create mobile app awareness and drive downloads in a crowded marketplace. Enter Quikly:

    Quikly provides an engaging acquisition solution that leverages a combination of urgency marketing and incentives to encourage app downloads. In addition, social sharing amplifies campaign reach to maximize participation and app downloads. There is a 5x reduction in app acquisition cost using Quikly compared to other tactics. Here are 3 ways that Quikly can help boost mobile app engagement and participation:

    1. Incentivize Their Return

    By attaching an incentive to consumer use of your mobile app, you can keep them coming back. During a campaign, try directing a participant to download the app or complete an action through the mobile app in exchange for a reward.  Up to 60% of Quikly campaign participants take an action such as downloading an app or referring friends.

    2.  Exclusivity is Key

    Everyone likes to feel special. Around 78% of consumers said exclusive offers and discounts earned through a brand’s loyalty program are more valuable than offers that everyone gets. Using exclusive deals that can only be accessed through the app will not only strengthen the consumer-brand relationship, it will also encourage their continued use of your mobile app.

    3.  Keep Members Engaged

    It is critical to balance onboarding new members to drive immediate engagement and ensuring their long-term success.  Quikly is proven to drive key strategic behaviors such as profile completion, program education and downloading the program’s mobile app.  By utilizing the Quikly platform, you can motivate participants to take action such as viewing videos and content, and a 2X increase in app downloads.  

    Bess Owen

    Content Marketing Manager