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Find out why 160+ marketing and loyalty leaders registered for the live event!

Subscriber acquisition. Opt-outs. Conversions. These three can challenge even the strongest of mobile marketing strategies. Because in order to see a return on your investment, you need to acquire quality subscribers, reduce opt-outs and increase conversions. This is where SMS and MMS can add tremendous value to keep your best customers engaged.

So, how should you begin to optimize your mobile marketing strategy?

Start by grabbing your recording of this webinar, featuring mobile marketing experts from Vibes and Quikly. You’ll get specific, actionable lessons on how to:

  • Acquire more quality SMS subscribers, whether it be through email, online or in-store
  • Minimize opt-outs by creating engaging and easy-to-understand mobile calls to action
  • Strengthen conversions from subscriber to customer by adding elements like gamification to your text messaging strategy

We’ll look at it all through the lens of how your team can start realizing more ROI out of SMS. And there will be time to answer your top questions on the topic.

Fill out the form to get the webinar recording.

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