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656 people registered for our original presentation of this content, as part of Detroit Startup Week. We saw such a high response that we decided to offer a webinar encore. And we've built off of the initial content to offer even more value for leading digital marketers.

More online orders. App downloads. Loyalty program sign-ups. Email subscribers. Instagram followers. Regardless of what digital demand goals look like for your consumer-facing brand, this session was built to help you achieve them — fast.

We’ll show you how to use psychology elements like anticipation and social proof to immediately accelerate consumer response around digital marketing activities. And we’ll share actionable ideas, based on our data learnings from motivating over 16 million consumers for hundreds of top brands through urgency-driven promotions.

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Shawn Geller

CEO and Co-Founder

Shawn Geller is CEO and Co-Founder of Quikly, a technology platform that leverages incentives and psychology to immediately increase response around key marketing initiatives. He has spent 12 years studying consumer response and the last 8 working with hundreds of top consumer-facing retail and restaurant brands to increase theirs. To date, he and his team have motivated 16 million consumers over 32 million times to take key actions that are important to the marketing teams engaging them.

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