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    on December 05, 2017 Acquire

    3 Key Strategies for Attracting Top-Notch CRM Database Customers

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    Consistently growing your CRM database by acquiring the right new customers is every Email Marketer's goal. However, it’s difficult to continuously find high-quality new customers efficiently and with scale. Many traditional CRM acquisition tactics have limited reach, hindering a brand’s ability to steadily develop their customer database. Quikly’s strategy uses customer psychology to turbocharge Email/CRM acquisition, turning customers into brand advocates, resulting in valuable, cost-efficient closed loop referrals.

    Here are 3 innovative ways to boost Email/CRM customer acquisition:

    1. Capture Current Customers In The Moment

    Use a unique urgency marketing approach to leverage scarcity, anticipation, empowerment and competition to drive immediate incremental sales. Providing an immediate response tailored to the customer’s needs will encourage engagement with your brand. Using Quikly, brands see 2X new-to-file acquisition compared to traditional tactics.

    2. Tap Into Customer Referrals The Correct Way

    Referral marketing is a powerful means of leveraging existing customers to acquire high quality leads at scale and in a cost-effective way. However, it can be easy to make referral marketing mistakes, such as weak rewards and lack of campaign visibility, that derail your efforts and fail to deliver. Amplify reach through social sharing, with up to 60% of campaign participants referring an average of 8 friends.

    3. Extend Education Of Benefits

    Capture a new customer’s attention and nurture the relationship with helpful and informative content. Prior to email sign up, keep a clear message of the program specifics and ask for little information in return. Simplicity is key, asking for more detail and participation, such as social sharing for referrals, can wait until post-sign up. On top of this, if there is an opportunity to personalize the post-sign-up message based on the information provided, you increase the odds for further conversation.

    Using the Quikly platform, brands saw a 30-50% lower CPA and a higher customer lifetime value, and up to 60% of participants will refer an average of 8 friends. To learn more about mastering the Email CRM lifecycle process with the help of Quikly, download our recent guide, How to Successfully Turbocharge Your Email CRM Efforts Within Days.

    Bess Owen

    Content Marketing Manager