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Diners are seeing thousands of ads each day. They’re dividing their attention between what’s right in front of them and everything else that can happen in an internet minute. And they’re facing more options than ever in terms of when, where and how they eat.

So here’s the big question: How can you cut through the noise to acquire new customers and drive frequency from existing ones?

Many of us in marketing spend sleepless nights trying to figure this one out. But what if the answer was actually pretty simple? What if there was a tactic that you could easily layer into your existing marketing campaigns to dramatically increase consumer response? 

Enter scarcity, a component of consumer psychology and universal human motivator. 

In this webinar, Amber Mullaney, Director of Marketing & Communications at QSR Automations, and Kristy Sharrow, VP of Marketing at Quikly, will share:

  • What scarcity marketing is and how top operators in the space are using it
  • How scarcity can rapidly capture attention and motivate consumer behavior
  • How you can integrate scarcity into your marketing in simple ways, so that you can cut through the noise and drive success across your acquisition and retention goals

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