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As consumer behavior continues to evolve, so should your SMS marketing strategy. This webinar dives into the top trends that retail and restaurant brands need to know today to capture attention and drive sales.

Join industry experts Alex Campbell (Co-Founder & CIO, Vibes) and Shawn Geller (Co-Founder & CEO, Quikly) and learn:

  • Actionable tactics to grow high-quality subscriber lists that convert 
  • The proven links between SMS, mobile wallet and increased foot traffic
  • How to unlock the potential of your mobile database

This webinar will equip you with the knowledge to master these trends, so that your brand can maximize the potential of its SMS program. 

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Headshots-AlexCampbell (2)Alex Campbell is the CIO and Co-Founder of Vibes. Alex has long been recognized as one of mobile marketing’s original pioneers, working over 25+ years to educate marketers on the value of mobile as a viable discipline. A true entrepreneur at heart, Alex oversees Vibes’ innovation strategy — always looking for the next great mobile technology brands can leverage to drive deeper customer engagement and untapped revenue opportunities.


Headshots2Shawn Geller is CEO and Co-Founder of Quikly, a technology platform that leverages incentives and psychology to immediately increase response around key marketing initiatives. He has spent 12 years studying consumer response and the last 8 helping hundreds of top retail and restaurant brands increase theirs. To date, Shawn and his team have motivated 57 million consumers.



Headshots-KristySharrowAs head of marketing, Kristy Sharrow is constantly looking at how she can serve the marketers in Quikly's client base and general audience. She brings 13 years of experience, blended in journalism and marketing, to her current role. Kristy has been a speaker at conferences like Dreamforce and INBOUND, and she has had work published by Time, CNNMoney, Fortune and more.