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The psychology of urgency marketing: How to motivate consumers to take action

Low engagement. Distracted consumers. Saturated channels. 

It's difficult today to earn the attention of your consumers, let alone motivate them to act. Yet you have key actions that you need them to complete to get you to your goals across loyalty, mobile app, social media, SMS, email/CRM and more. This webinar was built to help.

Join us for an inside look at how human emotions and marketing psychology can create a sense of urgency in consumers. You'll learn: 

  • The brain science behind urgency marketing, including: anticipation, scarcity, social proof and competition
  • How human emotions impact consumer behavior and influence purchase decisions
  • Trusted tactics to motivate consumers to engage with your brand through the use of marketing psychology 

You’ll hear real-world examples and walk away with concrete tactics you can implement into your marketing strategies to motivate consumers faster and more cost-effectively.

Note: This webinar is especially relevant for marketers at consumer-facing brands.

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Lindsay Keener (1)

Lindsay is brand journalist at Quikly, a technology platform that leverages psychology to help brands like American Eagle, Tropical Smoothie Cafe and DSW immediately increase consumer response around key marketing initiatives. She covers the topics of marketing psychology and consumer engagement and in doing so, has learned directly from NY Times bestselling authors, psychologists, professors, neuroscientists and behavioral scientists. She'll be sharing her top findings in this webinar.