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Consumer Preferences During COVID-19

New Shopping & Dining Research (Spring 2020)

Life has changed — how have the ways in which you, as a B2C marketer, can best serve consumers? And where should you even be focusing your efforts in order to do that? We know questions like these are common right now, and we want to help. So our team at Quikly has been busy doing research. 

Download this report to find out what 2,300+ consumers told us about their current shopping, dining and brand preferences, including: 

  • What consumers say is the most appealing thing a brand can offer right now
  • How consumers are saying their current purchasing, social media and brand engagement levels compare to before the pandemic
  • How consumers are feeling about the emails and other brand outreach they're receiving on COVID-19
  • How willing consumers are to try new brands and products in this moment

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