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consumer survey

Visual Capital reported that a single minute on the internet in 2019 consisted of 188 million emails sent, 3.8 million Google searches queried, 4.5 million YouTube videos viewed, and 1 million people logging into Facebook.

All of that activity means a lot of noise for marketers to cut through. 

This got us wondering: How are consumers responding to brand outreach on different platforms? And what does their engagement with brands really look like today?

We conducted research to find out. Nearly 2,800 consumers responded, and what the data showed surprised us. Grab a free copy of this eBook to see what we mean. You'll also get answers to these key questions:

  • Is email still effective?
  • How do customers feel about your mobile app?
  • How relevant is social media right now?
  • What’s the case for loyalty programs?

Fill out the form for your free copy.