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    2 text marketing strategies to better serve your subscribers

    Text message marketing is a front-runner in brand communications. One study listed it as a preferred method of communication for nearly half of consum...


    Cross-enrollment: Why email subscribers are key to growing your SMS list

    In previous years, email marketing was the head honcho in town, helping businesses deliver top-notch marketing messages to email subscribers in real t...


    4 tips for reactivating dormant text subscribers

    You’re not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the lines it went south — some of your text message subscribers have gone silent and it’s up to ...


    5 text marketing strategies to engage your subscribers

    Text message marketing has proven to be an essential form of communication for brands across the globe. Within seconds, consumers can receive updates ...

    SMS Quikly sms marketing

    How to Avoid Common SMS Marketing Mistakes

    With brands typically seeing a 98% open rate and a 45% response rate when it comes to SMS outreach, no wonder you’ve decided to make this a part of yo...


    11 ways to solve your top SMS marketing challenges

    Over 160 marketing and loyalty leaders registered for our recent webinar, "Why You're Not Seeing ROI Out of Your SMS Marketing," featuring two top mob...


    Why You Should Really Dial In Your SMS Marketing [Infographic]

    Catching a consumer's attention is one of today's ultimate marketing challenges. 


    5 ways businesses are seeing results from text message marketing

    With open rates over 90 percent, it’s no wonder that there’s an increasing buzz around text message marketing. But what kinds of results are really po...

    Acquire SMS

    12 Ways to Make the Most of Your SMS Marketing

    With a 98% open rate and a 45% response rate, texts can offer significant value in marketing. SMS communications can also be trackable, interactive an...