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    Top trends for restaurant marketers to watch in 2020

    As this decade comes to a close, marketers are preparing for what 2020 has in store for them. 


    How restaurants can cut through the noise with scarcity marketing (webinar recap)

    QSR Automations and Quikly hosted a webinar called “How Restaurants Can Cut Through the Noise with Scarcity Marketing” on Thursday, November 7. If you...


    The hype around Popeyes' chicken sandwich (with video)

    It was in August when Popeyes put its chicken sandwich in selected restaurants, kicking off the “sandwich wars” against competitor Chick-fil-A. Shortl...


    How third-party aggregators affect restaurant marketers (with video)

    There are more choices than ever before on where, when and how to eat. Today, people can order a steak, sandwich or smoothie and have it delivered rig...


    The lunch paradox: How people are deciding where to eat (with video)

    There are more options than ever before on where to eat. That was apparent during lunchtime in Detroit on Monday, October 21 as people left their offi...