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    Add This Single Step to Your Marketing Strategy

    Offering exclusive access or promotions to loyalty members is a valuable strategy that can enhance the retail brand-consumer relationship.


    Turn Your Loyalty Members Into Advocates

    Attracting new loyalty members is a key strategy to ensure long-term program growth. New members represent incremental sales and offset member churn. ...

    Loyalty QSR Restaurant

    How Restaurants Drive Loyalty & Retention

    Your customers want value, and you want long-term, loyal relationships with them. More and more restaurants understand that building and maintaining a...

    Loyalty Mobile Apps

    Building Loyalty Through Native Apps

    More and more brands are building native apps as one prong in a multi-pronged loyalty strategy, sometimes instead of a browser-based app, sometimes in...

    Engagement Loyalty

    Invigorate Your Loyalty Program with Gamification

    Differentiation is harder and harder to achieve in any industry, and loyalty programs are one way that brands in Retail, Food & Beverage, Consumer Pac...

    Engagement Quikly campaign Loyalty Mobile Apps

    How Microsoft Bing Boosts Loyalty

    Once or twice a month, we like to highlight one of the campaigns we're running so that brands who are considering a Quikly can see how it works in rea...